Author Topic: Time to Mount the Academic Ramparts, Clean House, and Free the Serfs By Clarice Feldman  (Read 159 times)

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May 11, 2014
Time to Mount the Academic Ramparts, Clean House, and Free the Serfs
By Clarice Feldman

Our colleges and universities have become infectious breeding grounds of the left, fattening their tills as the students are yoked to untenable loans to pay for often useless educations they provide. The federal government encourages this bubble, undermines free speech and due process on campus by regulation and encourages young people to enslave themselves in this way. Is there a way out?

This week two related articles on the federal role in higher education caught my attention. In the Wall Street Journal Daniel Henninger discusses the administration’s Orwellian dictates on Title IX  In The Federalist Daniel Oliver discusses the mounting student debt and offers up a suggestion for Republicans to deal with it.

Both articles underscore how federal funds are being used to incubate generations of left-wing graduates, poorly educated often in areas of study that are unmarketable, irrational, and enemies of free speech and due process.

Henninger starts with the most outward signs of doctrinaire manipulation of free speech -- banning of commencement speakers like Condoleezza Rice, Hirsi Ali, and Charles Murray whose views, while perfectly legitimate, conflict with the majority think speak of Rutgers, Brandeis, and Azusa Pacific. I’ve long been fed up with sitting in the heat on uncomfortable chairs fighting off gnats to listen to ridiculous commencement speakers, but Henninger says its not the university presidents who bear the brunt of the blame for the campus wars against free speech. It’s the administration, he argues:


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Boy! Is he ever on to something!

And I can tell you from my own personal experience that it is even worse than he describes!

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Very interesting idea to cancel Federal student loans and balance it by cutting the worthless investments in higher ed across the board.  I'd like to hear more details about that and I suspect I will in the next couple of years. 

There has got to be a sea change in the way we have come to do business in this country, and this is an excellent example of the kinds of changes that need to be made wholesale before this country can begin to recover.  A lot of high school students are more suited to skilled labor and if they are not shuffled off to college for a few years to stagnate, and instead local businesses can begin training apprentices for the jobs they really need, we would waste a lot less money, time and effort on people who are ill suited and ill prepared for book learning past high school.

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