Author Topic: Embattled Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu Brings In “Big Guns” Michelle Obama To Win Votes…  (Read 194 times)

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Embattled Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu Brings In “Big Guns” Michelle Obama To Win Votes…
by Ulsterman on May 9, 2014

Louisiana Democrat Mary Landrieu, who has doubled down on her support of the highly divisive and unpopular Obamacare law, is welcoming a campaign appearance by Michelle Obama in the guise of meeting with wives of military veterans.  Ah yes, support the destruction of healthcare, and then attempt to show how much you care about military families. Methinks voters in Louisiana won’t be so easily deceived…

Wave goodbye to your senate seat Senator Landrieu…
It is also interesting to note that the Landrieu campaign has been running ads shouting out how wrong Barack Obama’s anti domestic energy policies are.  Again, does she really think so little of her constituents’ intelligence to think they won’t note the contradiction of slamming the Obama White House, and then happily agreeing to a campaign photo op moment with the First Lady?

Isn’t that the very kind of political double-speak that has Louisiana voters so fed up with Landrieu in the first place?
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That'll do it. Have the Big Mooch fix 'em lunch, too. Quinoa for everyone!
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