Do you refer to yourself as a member of a social class, or, do you believe there is non?

Yes, I believe there are social classes in America
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Author Topic: Don't Call me Middle Class if you want my vote in anymore elections  (Read 2133 times)

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I'm hoping that someone here will hear me. I am done with American politicians giving us a made up class system in a country that has none. I'm tired of being labeled and told I'm fading away. It's an insult to me to be classified in a free society.  Why don't the elite politicians in this country just call us what that word really stands for?  Second class citizens, peasants, people who vote for me and now pay for my million dollar house while I look down on them right out in public and make them think I care.

It's insulting, and I for one will not vote for anyone in any party from here on out that uses any form of "Middle Class" language or thought. 

If any candidate is out there reading this, I hope you will think twice about demeaning the Americans who keep you in the lap of luxury while you insult us with name calling and a collective pity party for our "fading away". You might just get a rude awakening when America gets enough of this kind of attitude.

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Well said.

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Thank you. That means a lot to me. 

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Thank you. That means a lot to me.

Come on in....the water's fine!    :laugh:

That said, I'm not against the moniker "middle class".

Growing up in a United Auto Workers household, Catholic....for some reason, they all voted Democrat, because "Democrats look out for the [middle class]...today, known affectionately as the "little guy".

Once I started running my own businesses, I realized what my parents went without....for us!

I do empathize with your disgust however.    :beer:
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I consider myself middle class, as did my parents. I take no offense at the use of the term.

Why take offense with words, instead of deeds and votes?
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I wound up a lawyer, so I guess that would make me, by the rules, middle class. But my Pop was a bus mechanic, and my Mom was a dressmaker. It's the values, not the 1040, that makes you what you are. I'm blue collar to the bone.
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God bless the people that responded or read my post!! God bless all the parents who did without so we could have something in our lives. I had World War II parents. My father was in the Pacific.  After the war my mother drove a school bus, Daddy was in heat and air and later on was a professor at a trade school.  They were southern, but, republicans and my father was offended by that term too.
My parents fought their way out of poverty to give us a better life. They had nothing coming through the depression. He railed against the  class system myth. He said you can't be part of something that doesn't exist. American opportunity allows you to move up and down the financial and social ladder. No matter where you were born on the social ladder, you aren't destined to remain there if you don't want to.
This is only my opinion that results from my up bringing, my own education and an opportunity to see how the rest of the world operates first hand. 
If you are not concerned with someone referring to you as "Middle Class", then I'm not out to change your mind. Maybe someday you may agree  that that term has taken a turn in this political climate.  But, you will be the judge. Many thanks!!

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