Author Topic: Family of Dead Armed Robber Speaks Out Against CCP Holder Who Shot Him & Calls For Stricter Gun Laws  (Read 343 times)

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The family of the dead perp wants some cash out of somebody;  just don't want to admit that their relative was a cretin.

Most states' deadly force laws allow it if it is used not only in self-defense but in the defense of others as well.  In Texas, one may use deadly force to prevent a felony at night.  If someone's attempting to break into my car, I can use deadly force.
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This is nothing new to the denizens of this board but I guess I'll say it anyway . . .

It's surprising how little people think before they speak. 


It's surprising how people want to protect the dregs of society.

To wit:
These numb skulls want more gun laws.  What are the options?  Their family member was already breaking the law, so one can assume new laws would have no effect on his behavior.  The CCP holder can be assumed to be a law-abiding citizen because he went to the trouble to get a permit.  So who is harmed or at least put at a disadvantage by having  more gun laws?  Yes, the law abiding gun owner.  Meanwhile, perps like the one in this story will continue to ignore the law.
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Liberals don't want legal carriers to be able to fight back. They are like my kids when they were small, yelling that their brother hit them back. Liberals never grow up.

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let me see a gun pointed at me and I not feel threatened?   :pondering:   :laughingdog:

I call that a Tuesday, like many here who have been on the wrong end of a gun - probably a massive majority from various comments over the years.

I would be polite though. I'd at least offer to salt his pistol before he ate it. Mom would smack my ass silly otherwise. She hates bad manners.
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