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May 6, 2014 / 6 Iyar, 5774

What a non-minority won't dare say about racism, bigotry

By Alicia Colon

   The banning of LA Clipper owner, Donald Sterling, from the NBA for life, for allegedly making racist remarks, calls for a long overdue debate about the meaning of racism.

I did not listen to the secret audio tape of Mr. Sterling so I can't comment on his remarks. However, the fact that he is a billionaire that pays millions of dollars for black players on his team disqualifies him as a racist.

Los Angeles Clippers guard J.J. Redick now says that owner Donald Sterling was hesitant to sign him last summer because he's white. Sterling may be a bigot but there is a big distinction between racism and bigotry-aka-prejudice. What the race baiters do not want to admit is that true racism in this country is almost non existent but bigotry will take many generations to be eliminated.

An email is floating around with comments allegedly from an unnamed Canadian: "Only in America ...could people claim that the government still discriminates against black Americans when they have a black President, a black Attorney General and roughly 20% of the federal workforce is black while only 10% of the population is black, 40+% of all federal entitlements goes to black Americans - 3X the rate that go to whites, 5X the rate that go to Hispanics!"

Don't know who said it but it rings true.

In fact, I would venture to say that since Obama was elected, bigotry has ironically become a real problem but let's called it by its real name; it is not endemic factual racism no matter how often MSNBC and other MSM outlets toss out that allegation of conservatives- it is prejudice.

Genuine racist supremacists do not want anything to do socially with minorities. Sterling had a mixed race mistress who turned out to be as sleazy as he is supposed to be. Many may quibble with my relating white supremacists with racists but that is the original definition of racism. Racists believe that blacks are inferior and in some cases, sub-human. John Wilkes Booth was a racist and that is why he assassinated Abraham Lincoln.

The Democrat Party that founded the KKK after the Civil War was a political party of white supremacist racists. When that description became a politically liability, it went underground and by the 1960's had morphed into a civil rights champion by distorting history. This was accomplished by swelling the ranks of academia with radical PC proponents to dumb down education and our own history.

I married into a family from the Deep South over forty years ago and was shocked to discover that the 'n' word was routinely used to describe any black person by some of my in-laws. When it was learned that celebrity Chef Paula Deen was once heard using that word, her world collapsed and she was castigated as a racist. Roger Clinton, Bill's brother, on the other hand, has been recorded on tape using that word and I'm willing to bet the former president used it before becoming Arkansas Governor. LBJ is another president that's been caught on tape using the n word but only certain individuals get their lives turned upside down for improper speech.

Consider what happened to Nevadan rancher Cliven Bundy whose conservative pundits shamefully ran away from him after the New York Times took his interview words out of context to portray him as a racist. His words in context were anachronistic but hardly damning. He used the words 'colored' and 'negro' but the NAACP hasn't bothered to remove the word colored from the organization's title nor has the United Negro Fund. I suggest that those interested in the truth go to YouTube and watch the unedited speech.

Bigotry is just as vile as racism but in many cases it springs from a different source. People are prejudiced by what they witness in persons of different ethnicity. Unless they are true racists, their bigotry can be eliminated by familiarizing themselves with the subjects who present a positive impact not a negative one. It was believed by reformers that by busing school children into areas that had formerly been segregated, the children would get to know and accept one another. Instead, more hostility was generated by the inconvenience and uprooting of students from their former schools.

Until radical Islamists waged war on this nation, there was no such thing as Islamaphobia. Can you blame anyone now from looking at Muslims or Middle Easterners with suspicion considering the vile rhetoric from Imams exhorting violence against America? New York taxi drivers would once drive passengers anywhere in the city until they were being robbed or killed once they arrived in Harlem or other mean streets. Is it racism to pass a black man wishing to go uptown at night or is it being street smart?

I recall my teacher in high school reminding us that when we are in public wearing our school uniforms that we are representing the school and we should always behave responsibly. So too, those most responsible for generating bigotry are those committing hate crimes for in the eyes of their victims, they see only the predator's race. For bigotry to end, communities need to monitor their own members instead of blaming all crime incidents as racially motivated.

Since Obama was elected president, we have seen an uptick in crimes by persons of color. Why? Because race has been used as a shield to protect the president from any criticism and we have an attorney general who ignores black on white crimes. The Democrat Party has lost its collective mind in pursuing the agenda created by Bill Clinton's words, "I feel your pain." The latest? State Senator John Hoffman (D-Mn) has his bill approved to change the name, 'Asian' carp to 'invasive carp', even though the fish originated in Asia. Hoffman argued that referring to the fish as 'Asian' was hurtful to some people. I am not joking.

Soon this country will become as idiotic in our PC inanities as our allies across the pond. Some 185 of the estimated 1,700 Subway stores in Great Britain and Ireland have eliminated ham and bacon from their menus in response to requests from Muslim consumers. I don't recall any food chain removing said food because of complaints from Jewish consumers who share the same dietary restrictions. This bowing to pressure from special interest groups has increased since 2008. Is it because our president seems to bow to foreign leaders all the time? Last month, he bowed to a Japanese robot. I am not kidding.

When will we remove the blinders from our eyes and see things without the spin from Kool-aid drinking anchors who have lost any journalistic integrity they ever had. Let us all agree that Donald Sterling may be a bigoted fool but he is not a racist.

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Excellent article!  She was spot on on so many points that I lost count!!

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