Author Topic: Rutgers students frustrated after Rice withdraws as commencement speaker  (Read 171 times)

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Student groups at Rutgers University expressed their dismay Monday at the withdrawal of former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice as a commencement speaker.

In an open letter to university president Dr. Robert Barchi, three student groups said they took issue with Rice's decision to withdraw as a speaker amid protests over her previously planned appearance at the school's graduation. The groups also expressed concern that Rutgers is not a place where, "the free ideas and a diversity of opinions are encouraged."

The letter was written Monday on behalf of the Rutgers College Republicans, Eagleton Undergraduate Associates, Greek Life at Rutgers University, and other student organizations.

"The decision surprised many and evoked a wide range of responses on the Rutgers University campus, social media and in the national media," wrote Donald P. Coughlan of the Eagleton Undergraduate Associates.

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Did she say why she was withdrawing?

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She said she didn't want to be a distraction on the graduates' special day.
 The loudmouths at Rutgers got what they wanted: no diversity of thought or opinion. Glad to see the college Republicans grasp that.
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