Author Topic: Politico: New Poll Gives Dems 4 Reasons to Fear 2014  (Read 147 times)

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Politico: New Poll Gives Dems 4 Reasons to Fear 2014
« on: May 05, 2014, 08:41:33 AM »

 by William Bigelow 4 May 2014

A new ABC News/Washington Post poll triggered Politico to assert that the results give Democrats four major reasons to worry about their election prospects in 2014.

    GOP voters are more driven to vote in 2014 than Democrats.  When the poll asked voters who said they were certain to vote which party they favored, the GOP got 49% of respondents, the Democrats 44%. Among independents who said they were certain to vote, 55% said they would vote for the GOP, while 32% said they would vote for a Democrat. When asked whether they would favor the GOP controlling Congress to block Barack Obama’s policies or a Democrat-controlled Congress to let Obama have his way, 53% wanted a GOP Congress and 39% wanted a Democrat Congress.

    Americans do not believe the economy is improving. 36% of respondents said the economy is deteriorating, while 28% said it was improving. 35% of voters said there was no change. Of the combined 71% of those asserting that the economy is declining and those who believe it is unchanging, 62% want the GOP to control Congress. Only 22% of independents think the economy is doing well.

    Barack Obama’s presence is unhelpful. The Post wrote: “At this point, Obama’s approval rating looks only slightly better than that of President George W. Bush in the spring of 2006.” The poll found Obama’s approval rating at the lowest of his presidency:41%. Broken down further, Obama’s approval ratings on issues stand like this: the economy; 42%; getting Obamacare to work: 37%; handling the volatile Ukraine situation: 34%. Only 74% of Democrats approve of him.

    Americans don’t feel ObamaCare is helping them. At the beginning of April, 49% of respondents supported Obamacare, with 48% opposed. But now 44% support it and 48% are against it. Only 8% of registered voters believe their own health care costs are declining with the advent of ObamaCare; 47% think their costs will go up. Only 14% of those responding say their health care has improved because of ObamaCare, while only 16% think the nation’s health care is better from implementing Obamacare.

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