Author Topic: Federal court rules that stiff driving posture is suspicious behavior  (Read 346 times)

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All you teen druggies might wanna get some clearacil too!
(For those pimples) :beer:

NEW MEXICO — A federal appeals court has ruled that driving with one’s hands at the “ten-and-two position” is reason enough to pull someone over for further investigation. No traffic laws have to actually be broken. Additionally, the court ruled that facial acne is reason enough to suspect a driver is a drug smuggler.

The ruling stems from an incident that took place on April 18, 2012, at roughly 7:45 p.m. A border patrol agent driving down Highway 80 saw a white Ford F-150 heading the opposite direction. This took place roughly 40 miles north of the U.S./Mexico border — well inside the United States.

Although the truck was witnessed breaking no traffic laws, Border Patrol Agent Joshua Semmerling claimed he noticed several things that drew his suspicions, while passing the truck at 60 miles per hour.

First, was the driver’s upright posture. The female driver was sitting up straight with her hands located on the upper part of the steering wheel. This was viewed as suspicious activity.

Secondly, the agent claimed that the truck’s tinted windows were suspicious. It remains unclear how the agent saw driver’s posture through the “suspicious” tint.

Lastly was the truck’s rear license plate — which the agent claims to have observed in his rear-view mirror while traveling at a high rate of speed in the opposite direction. He claimed that he noticed it was from out-of-state; another suspicious characteristic.

The agent decided to make a U-turn and stop the truck.

Federal court rules that stiff driving posture is suspicious behavior | Police State USA

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Isn't that the way you're supposed to sit when you take your driver's test??

And don't most people taking it also have acne??

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Perhaps it's a new part of the driving test? How to deal with a police stop?

Nah - too useful.
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Isn't that the way you're supposed to sit when you take your driver's test??

Maybe that's the logic.

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These three reasons have been ruled (in court) as an excuse to pull someone over:

driving faster than the speed limit

driving slower than the speed limit

and driving exactly at the speed limit

Pretty much covers it all huh? :beer:

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