Author Topic: OUTRAGE: U.S. Marine Being Held in Brutal Mexican Prison – For Making a ‘Wrong Turn’  (Read 272 times)

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...But let one American make a wrong turn into Mexico — and there will be hell to pay.

That’s exactly what happened to a U.S. Marine veteran last month, after he accidentally drove into Mexico with three legally owned guns in his truck. And he has been rotting in a brutal Mexican jail in Tijuana ever since.

California Republican Rep. Duncan Hunter sent a letter Friday to Secretary of State John Kerry asking him to secure the release of Afghanistan war veteran Andrew Tahmooressi, who had just moved to San Diego from Florida and had all his belongings in his truck, including his pistol, shotgun and rifle, when he missed the last U.S. exit on April 1, forcing him to cross the border.

Road closures because of checkpoints and construction added to the confusion, and there was no opportunity for drivers to turn around, Hunter added....

Here is Google Maps of what I believe is the checkpoint that caused him problems. As you can see, if you are heading South on 905, there is a point where it is Mexico or nothing.
I do wonder why he didn't try to turn around at the checkpoint instead.

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Maybe we should treat Mexicans the same way as Americans are treated in Mexico? That would stem the immigration problem.

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