Author Topic: WH Blames 'Politicization' for Benghazi... Just Like Every Other Scandal  (Read 444 times)

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Support the USO

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No politicizing "The War on Women".  It is a fact that liberals always accuse you of what they do themselves. 

Live by politicizing, DIE by politicizing - you lying bastards!

(Although the Benghazi issue is NOT a political issue, but it will be spun as one and their obedient puppets will swallow that talking point and write their Letters to the Editor and do their radio show call-ins dutifully.) 

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As Andy said yesterday, Obama's race makes him the presumptive victim.
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As Andy said yesterday, Obama's race makes him the presumptive victim.

It's not his race. Dude is almost the TV archetype of the loser in high school that gets constantly bullied.
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Benghazi was the White House before the election because the Obama campaign feared anything that might show him as a weak leader.  So instead of Obama admitting to a terrorist act and taking charge as CIC,  the WH went into super spin mode and tried to pawn it off on some schmuck and his fifty cent video about Mohammed.

The issue was the cover-up not the attack.  Now the Dems are continuing to scramble especially as the MSM is now actually asking questions.

Screw-ups like Benghazi happen in every presidency.  It's that fragile web of deception that sometimes starts shredding, as Nixon finally understood.
It's the Supreme Court nominations!

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