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Obama’s Illegals Misusing SSNs Make More Money than American Women

Posted 43 mins ago by Dave Jolly Filed under Economics, Immigration, Jobs

It’s no secret that President Barack Obama accuses Republicans of waging a war on women, when in reality he and his fellow Democrats are the ones that hire fewer women and pay them less than men. It’s also no secret that Obama welcomes illegal aliens and has been offering them the rights reserved for citizens at taxpayer expense.

But what would the women of this country say if they found out that Obama’s illegals are making more than they do and misusing Social Security Numbers in the process?

According to estimated figures provided by the Census Bureau and the Chief Actuary of Social Security, illegal aliens misusing Social Security Numbers earned about $34,000 a year in 2010 and the average income for women in the US in 2010 was $33,771 a year.

In Effects of Unauthorized Immigration on the Actuarial Status of the Social Security Trust Funds, published by the Office of the Chief Actuary, it posits the following question:

“Question: Of the unauthorized workers paying OASDI (Old-Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance) taxes, what is the average level of earnings upon which the taxes are levied and how does that level compare with the broader U.S. labor force?”

“Answer: We assume the average level of taxable earnings for these unauthorized workers equals about 80 percent of the average level for all workers. For 2010, we estimate this average level for these unauthorized workers to be about $34,000.”

The article goes on to show how they came up with their estimation and the difficulty involved, but when I read the article, two things stood out to me.

1) Obama claims to be on the side of women, yet his open door and non-deportation policy is allowing illegals to earn a hair more than the average American woman earns.  In my mind, Obama places the value of illegals over American women and they need to realize that.

2) Immigration activists constantly claim that illegals are paid so poorly and that the nature of many of the jobs they take are why so many Americans won’t take those jobs. According to the figures above, illegals are not only misusing Social Security Numbers, but they are making twice the minimum wage. There are millions of Americans today that are struggling to feed their families, keep a roof over their heads and clothes on their backs. Given the chance, I bet a lot of them would take jobs being given to illegals for $34,000 a year.

If you don’t believe me, look what happened in Alabama when that state passed tough immigration laws that levied stiff fines on employers hiring illegals. In the first two months after their immigration bill went into effect, the unemployment rate in Alabama fell from 9.8% to 8.7%. That means that American citizens were taking the jobs that had been previously given to illegals.

Can you imagine what the national unemployment rate would drop to if our government deported every illegal alien in the country like they should? It wouldn’t surprise me to see it drop to 6% or even lower. Now can you imagine what impact that would have on the American economy? With millions more Americans working, it would lead to an increase in the purchasing of consumer goods which would lead to an increase in manufacturing and production which would lead to an increase in retail sales which would lead to an increase in tax revenue along with an increase in the housing market and fewer Americans relying on government handouts.

I dare Obama to try this plan and prove me wrong!

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