Author Topic: Company fires employee for tweeting that "bigot" Sterling had a right to private opinion  (Read 122 times)

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Company Fires Employee for Tweeting That 'Bigot' Sterling Had Right to Private Opinion

"Here's an unpopular opinion."

 Jeremy Boreing |

According to a tweet from their official Twitter account, Turtle Rock Studios, the company behind the hit video game Left 4 Dead and the upcoming Evolve, does not believe in the basic principle of freedom of speech.

The tweet came as justification for the move by the company to fire their Community Manager, Josh Olin, over his tweet from Wednesday pointing out that disgraced racist Donald Sterling does in fact have the right to free speech.

While Olin's "unpopular" opinion is actually a basic undergirding principle of both natural and constitutional law in the United States of America, that did not stop Turtle Rock Studio from quickly axing him and declaring that they do not "support those views."

"Those views," of course, are the foundational views of American society, declared a gift from the Creator by our founders and protected by the service and lives of generations of our forebears. They are also the bedrock on which media companies like Turtle Rock Studios function.

For his part, the newly unemployed Olin responded by pointing out that defending freedom of speech is not the same thing as endorsing that speech - a concept that not long ago would have gone without saying in this country.

Olin continued to show class and conviction in the face of his disturbing termination. In a statement to the website GameInformer he both defended his own right to free speech - which he calls the "right to be whatever you want to be as an American, as long as it isn't hurting anyone else," and continues to advocate for the creative game designers at Turtle Rock Studios. “
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