Author Topic: Arizona muslim chokes, rapes wife because of islamic law  (Read 330 times)

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Arizona muslim chokes, rapes wife because of islamic law
« on: May 01, 2014, 05:27:17 AM »
- FrontPage Magazine - -

Arizona Muslim Chokes, Rapes Wife Because of Islamic Law

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On April 30, 2014 @ 11:35 am In The Point | No Comments

Muslims say that Mohammed was the original feminist. And by feminist, they mean he told his followers to beat and rape women.

An Arizona Muhammad has followed in his prophet’s footsteps, as so many Mohammeds, Muhammads and Mahmouds have before him.

Police say a valley man threatened to kill his wife, telling his victim “Islamic Law” gave him the right to kill her.

Ansar Muhammad sexually assaulted the victim, held her against her will while threatening to kill her, punched and strangulated her, causing physical injuries at their home.

His wife told police the incidents were sparked after Muhammad had accused her of having an affair, court paperwork said.

At one point, Muhammad picked her up and put her in their vehicle, police said. He then drove to and parked behind an Avondale Walgreens store, where the he punched her multiple times in the face, neck, back, chest and legs, officers said.

A court document stated Muhammad “used his hands during the assault to strangulate and impede the breathing of the victim.”

His wife said she continued to try to get away. Muhammad told her he was going to kill her because he had the right due to his “Islamic belief,” according to the probable cause statement.

He told her to be quiet and not wake their three children before taking her phone and telling her to go to the master bedroom, where he sexually assaulted her, the court document said.

Islamic law does allow men to beat and rape their wives. So Muhammad was on reasonably safe ground. Some Islamic authorities would take issue with the choking, but an Islamic figure in Egypt just put out a Fatwa saying that you can kill your wife if she’s committing adultery.

So it’s not as if this is coming out of nowhere. Ansar Muhammad may be a nasty thug, but he’s a nasty thug following a religion that provides license for him to act this way.


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