Author Topic: He Did It Again – Obama Travels Abroad And Condemns United States by Ulsterman  (Read 129 times)

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He Did It Again – Obama Travels Abroad And Condemns United States
by Ulsterman on April 28, 2014

Just as he did to start off his presidency, Barack Obama is once again finding fault with America and sharing it with a foreign audience.  Imagine what the leaders of Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Syria, etc., must think when Barack Obama’s anti-American views seem to align so perfectly with their own…

(via WHD)
Obama: U.S. has “Work to Do” on Human Rights

Does he mean like imprisoning someone for making an anti-Muslim videotape? Then yes, maybe he’s right.

President Obama’s love of moral relativism was back on display Sunday in Malaysia, where he excused that country’s human rights violations by suggesting the United States had some of its own.

From his press conference with Prime Minister Najib of Malaysia:

“I think the Prime Minister is the first to acknowledge that Malaysia has still got some work to do — just like the United States, by the way, has some work to do on these issues.

Human Rights Watch probably has a list of things they think we should be doing as a government.  And I am going to be constantly committed to making sure that these issues get raised in a constructive way.”

We have problems in this country. In a free society, there are winners and losers, and sometimes things aren’t fair.

BUT WE DO NOT HAVE A HUMAN RIGHTS PROBLEM. We do not have organized, systemic oppression of people in America. To suggest this is an insult not only to us, but to those who face really such oppression.

But here’s the greatest shocker of all: That I am forced, in this space, to defend the human rights record of the United States against THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.

God help us.

Support the USO

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Obama silent on Malaysia to execute non-Muslims according to Shari'a Law
Timothy Whiteman
Wilmington Conservative Examiner
April 28, 2014

While on his whirlwind tour of the Far East, Barack Obama managed to find time to hammer the embattled owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, yet the Chief Executive has remained curiously silent when informed that his Malaysian hosts have every intention of implementing the harshest punishments found in Islamic Shari'a law on the nation's rather sizable non-Muslim minority.

 As reported by both The Malaysia Chronicle and The Malay Mail Online, both on April 28, 2014, as well as USA Today on April 27, 2014, Obama referred to Clippers owner Donald Sterling as both "ignorant" as well as "incredibly offensive" while the billionaire Democrat was secretly recorded berating his 49-years-his-junior now ex-mistress, known to the world only as V. Stiviano, for her friendship with blacks as well as posting online photos of her with NBA legend Ervin "Magic" Johnson.

Yet later the next day both Obama and his National Security Adviser Susan Rice met with opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim along with a number of other opposition representatives, where both were informed that Malaysia's ruling PAS Party (Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party) was in the process of implementing Hudud (the code of Islamic Shari'a Law) on not only to the 61 percent of the nation that adheres to Islam, but on all the citizenry. The President of the Malaysian Bar Association, Mr. Christopher Leong, was quoted as stating that Obama and Rice were told that the government has introduced "a proposal to introduce hudud; this is very worrying and it would not be a good thing for Malaysia. Any criminal justice system with any bodily mutilation as part of its teachings is unacceptable in this day and age."

Malaysia has long subject only its Muslim citizens to Shari'a. Yet the new law, even though given the Muslim stamp of approval via a fatwa, would normally be non-binding to the remainder of the population that adhere to either Buddhism, Christianity or Hinduism. Obama and Rice were given the grim news that Shari'a would be "applied in practice by [all] government departments."

The PAS Party has made no secret of their desire to make Shari'a the law of the land for all Malaysians. Appealing to the non-Muslim world to see things their way, PAS "urged those who oppose its plans to impose hudud laws ... to respect the party’s democratic right to present its case in parliament." PAS has also made abundantly clear that if and when Hudud is passed, the standard Shari'a punishments of stoning, whipping, amputation and various other methods of being put to death will be meted out to one and all.

As cited, opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim was recently found guilty of Sodomy by a Shari'a court. However, the court has allowed the government's main critic his freedom unit his prison sentence takes effect. Ibrahim has long claimed innocence, stating the government's case against him is a fraud used to silence him.

The only response by any American official was Rice taking to the Twitter micro-blogging site, "using her handle @AmbassadorRice, she tweeted: 'Greatly appreciated hearing candid views of Malaysian opposition leaders including Mr Anwar.'" She also sent out online that it was "critical for Malaysia to apply the rule of law fairly, transparently and apolitically."
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