Author Topic: GOP chair challenges phony Indian Elizabeth Warren to release her employment records  (Read 268 times)

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GOP Chair Challenges Phony Indian Elizabeth Warren to Release Her Employment Records

Posted by Jim Hoft on Sunday, April 27, 2014, 7:48 PM

Democrat Elizabeth Warren was exposed as a fraud when she claimed for years that she was Cherokee Indian. Cherokee genealogists traced Warren’s family lines back to the early 1800s and documented that Warren’s family not only was not Cherokee or other Native American, but also that they never lived as such:
•Elizabeth Warren’s Ancestry Part 1
•Elizabeth Warren’s Ancestry Part 2
•Elizabeth Warren’s Ancestry, Part 3
•A Cherokee Can’t Be Found, Because A Cherokee Isn’t There
•Elizabeth Warren, Who Do You Think You Are?

During her campaign for senator Cherokee Indian activists traveled to Massachusetts to confront Warren on her past.
 But Warren would not meet with them.

Today GOP Chairman Reince Priebus challenged Elizabeth Warren to release her full employment records.

Given that Warren has refused to release any documents pertaining to her application and interview process, the Republican National Committee is calling on her to come clean and release her full records from Harvard.

“With Elizabeth Warren challenging Hillary Clinton for the liberal mantle of the Democrat Party, we’re calling on Warren to release her full employment records from Harvard University,” said Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Reince Priebus.  “For two full years, Warren’s stonewalling of the media has left more questions than answers, and the only way to put this issue to rest once and for all is by finally releasing her personnel records.  Americans deserve to know if Warren claimed that she was 1/32nd Cherokee Indian in order to gain minority status so she could get a teaching position at Harvard University.”


Two Years Ago We Learned That Elizabeth Warren Was Touted As A Minority At Harvard.  “Elizabeth Warren’s avowed Native American heritage — which the candidate rarely if ever discusses on the campaign trail — was once touted by embattled Harvard Law School officials who cited her claim as proof of their faculty’s diversity.  Warren’s claim, which surfaced yesterday after a Herald inquiry, put the candidate in an awkward position as campaign aides last night scrambled but failed to produce documents proving her family lineage. Aides said the tales of Warren’s Cherokee and Delaware tribe ancestors have been passed down through family lore.  (Hillary Chabot, Harvard trips on roots of Elizabeth Warren’s family tree, Boston Herald, 04/27/12)

Warren Refuses To Release Her Records From Harvard And The University Of Pennsylvania Touted Elizabeth Warren As A Minority Professor.  “Harvard University isn’t the only one of Elizabeth Warren’s employers to have described her as a minority; so did the University of Pennsylvania.  According to Penn’s 2005 “Minority Equity Report,” it too identified Warren, who taught there from 1987 to 1995, as a minority.  On page 16 of the report, the now-Massachusetts Senate candidate is listed as a winner of the school’s Lindback Award in 1994. Unlike other names listed, though, her name is italicized and bolded to indicate her status as a minority faculty member.”  (University Of Pennsylvania Also Listed Elizabeth Warren As A Minority, The Washington Post, 05/10/12)
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