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Peoples Republic of Minnesota Puts Man on Trial for Shooting Two Teenage Burglars
by Betty Butter • 24 April, 2014 • Crime, Guns • 4 Comments

Deceased burglars Nick Brady and Haile Kifer

He should have had a .38 Smith and Wesson, or a .44 Glock.  Byron Smith had already suffered through a series of break-ins on his property, and now he is being put on trial because he shot two teenage burglars who broke into his home, because authorities feel he went too far and shot them more than once or twice with his .22 caliber handgun.

From Star Tribune:

LITTLE FALLS – Byron Smith sat still, hands on lap, staring at a screen of autopsy photos shown to jurors on the fourth day of Smith’s murder trial Thursday.

Photos showed six gunshot wounds to Haile Kifer’s body — the most immediately fatal went into her head from under her left ear, according to testimony from Kelly Mills of the Ramsey County medical examiners office. Nick Brady’s body contained three gunshot wounds, all of which would have been fatal, Mills testified.

Smith is claiming he was defending himself and his home when he shot teenage cousins Kifer, 18, and Brady, 17, after they broke into his home on Thanksgiving Day, 2012. Smith’s attorneys contend he was terrified and afraid to be in his own home after a series of break-ins at his property.

Prosecutors say he crossed a legal line into murder by continuing to shoot them after they were wounded and no longer posed a threat.

The teens’ parents were in the packed courtroom for the testimony and photos.

Smith shot the teenagers as they descended his basement stairs about 10 minutes apart.

He told authorities that his gun jammed after he fired the first shot at Kifer, so he pulled out a handgun and continued shooting with that.

Mills testified that authorities found no drugs or alcohol in Brady’s system. One gunshot wound went through his hand and into his temple from less than three feet away. One grazed his left thumb before going into his abdomen. A third went into his back left shoulder and through his back.

Tests showed Kifer had marijuana and cough medicine in her system, though the amounts were unclear. She sustained gunshot wounds to her left eye, her left ear, her neck under her right chin, her left abdomen and her left side. The shot into Kifer’s right neck was a close-range shot, with a “little bit of separation from muzzle to skin.”

Smith had told authorities a day after the shootings that he gave Kifer a “good clean finishing shot” under her chin because a .22-caliber “doesn’t go through bone very well.”

Wednesday jurors heard the highlights of six hours of Smith’s own audio recording, most of it after the teens were slain, included Smith referring to the dead teens as “vermin.”

“I felt like I was cleaning up a mess,” he whispers pointedly, apparently to himself, in a monologue captured on a tape recorder he kept in his basement. “I was doing my civic duty.”

Defense attorneys will cross-examine Mills this afternoon.

Read more here

Dru Sjodin

Minnesota is the state where the family of a young woman named Dru Sjodin would have never gotten justice had her kidnapper and murderer, 50-year-old registered level 3 sex offender Alfonso Rodriguez, Jr., not crossed state lines from North Dakota into Minnesota, where her body was found.  Because of this, the Feds took over and her killer was given the death penalty.  Had the Feds not taken over, he would not be on death row, because Minnesotans, who see themselves above Texans as being more civilized and more progressive, do not have the death penalty.

F-ing Minnesotans.  May these two teenager burglars, along with the entire state of Minnesota rot in hell for what they have put Byron Smith through.

Moral of the story?  If you shoot an intruder in Minnesota, you’ll be put on trial if you shoot them more than once, so shoot them with a shotgun, or at least a .38 caliber handgun, or an assault rifle. Oh, and make sure you’re not a white man alone. You’ll have a much better chance of not being put on trial if you are a young mother protecting your children like this young woman in Georgia was doing when she shot a man 5 times.  My guess is that even if she had shot him in Minnesota, she wouldn’t have been put on trial.

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