Author Topic: Politics: MSNBC campaign advice to Dems: Embrace ObamaCare & tell people who lose their plans to 'deal with that!'  (Read 267 times)

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Robert Laurie

This must be why MSNBC is winning the ratings war.  ..oh, wait.

MSNBC is great.  In fact, it may be the greatest left-wing media outlet in history. No, it's not because they air quality programming - which they most certainly do not - and it's not because they make coherent, cogent, arguments -which, again, they do not. It's because, for whatever reason, they've taken the governors off their left-wing engines. The network's tolerance for nuttery is near limitless and it's very tough to get fired.  As a result, their hosts feel free to voice all of the beliefs that every liberal politician secretly holds dear, but can't say for fear of losing their jobs.

Our newest example is - once again - Melissa Harris-Perry.  You may remember her as the crackpot highly educated genius who mocked Mitt Romney's family for adopting an African American child, announced that the word "ObamaCare" was racist code invented by elderly white men, and voiced her fervent belief that your children aren't your own; they belong to "all of us."

For the record, the quote was “We have to break through our kind of private idea that kids belong to their parents or kids belong to their families and recognize that kids belong to their communities.”

Uh-huh. The best part is that, along with Rachel Maddow, Harris-Perry is considered one of MSNBC's sharpest intellectuals.  So when she gives advice, you'd better listen. Democrats, it's time to pay attention, because she's here to tell you how you're going to win this fall.

You're supposed to run ON the ACA, not from it.  You're being too shy in your support of the President's signature law, and you should just keep ramming it down the American people's throat. If they lose their coverage in the process, tough.  Harris-Perry says you should tell them to "deal with that!"

In a breathless, hyper-active rant, she compared the two parties to people trying to flip houses.

She started with the Republicans who, she claims:

"Go into a fallen-down, blighted house, slap some granite countertops while ignoring real problems, and declare their work the best thing ever! They have swagger. They can say to their voters that's right, we block every last thing we could.  We shut down government! We're still planning to repeal ObamaCare even though we know that would mean taking insurance away from millions of people. We talk a good game.”

“And then you have the people who will do the more substantial, structural changes. They’ll redo the wiring or reinforce the foundation. But they won’t do anything to actively or aggressively court buyers or their work. Try as they might, they can’t make the house look good. Ya know, Democrats?”

She spouted a few, bogus, pro-ObamaCare talking points before adding:

“They’re not even owning it. No confidence, no swagger, no ‘Yeah, you can’t keep your crappy plan. Just deal with that!’”

Harris-Perry ignores the truism about polishing a turd, and instead tells Democrats that they need to be more imposing marketers. The "home" in question may be an overpriced mess, but Dems have created a law that allows them to force people to move in at gunpoint. If you liked the house you were already in, tough.  She's decided that this one is better so, whether you can afford it or not,  you're going to want to get packing.

In Harris-Perry's warped mind, the quickest path to Democrat victory is to smile and force the sheep do what the party says. If the "little people" don't like it, tell them to "deal with that."

This is sage advice.  I for one would certainly like to hear more campaigning Dems shouting "Deal with that!" at their constituents. Voters just love that attitude. Let's hope the party follows her blueprint.

Video at link:

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I'm convinced that the seething anger that lurks below Harris-Perry's comments is really directed at her mother for giving her a "white girl" name.
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I'm convinced that the seething anger that lurks below Harris-Perry's comments is really directed at her mother for giving her a "white girl" name.


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