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Did BLM bury Bundy cattle in a mass grave? Graphic
« on: April 20, 2014, 05:15:34 PM »

Did BLM Bury Bundy Cattle In Mass Grave? WARNING, GRAPHIC IMAGES

By: Annabelle Bamforth Apr 17, 2014 

Cow shot and left to die

Cow shot and left to die  Cow shot and left to die Bullet entry  Bullet entry Another shot cow  Another shot cow
mass grave  mass grave mass grave  mass grave Cow shot and left to die  Cow shot and left to die

Bunkerville, NEVADA, April 16, 2014– Ben Swann interviewed Ryan Bundy, son of Cliven Bundy, on his radio program Wednesday. Bundy spoke about the continuing battle over the grazing land, the next steps federal agents may take, and what has already taken place on the property so far.

Bundy told Swann that federal agents have fled the area and left a great deal of gear and equipment and that they aren’t likely to return any time soon for it. He also said that federal agents destroyed much of the grazing infrastructure on the land, including water lines, water tanks, troughs, corrals, and fences.

The damage didn’t stop at just destroying infrastructure: Bundy revealed that their cattle, about 40 or so, had been killed by federal agents and thrown into a mass grave.

“The mass grave that was dug was about 50 feet long, 18 feet wide, 10 feet deep, and about a third of the way filled back in with cattle.”

In these photographs provided to from the Bundy family, you can see that so called mass grave which was dug out with the use of a backhoe. Already inside that dirt grave you can see the body of at least one of the cattle.


mass grave
mass grave

mass grave
mass grave

Bundy said that he could also see where the cattle had been killed out in the hills, in the corrals, and where they were shot down by helicopters.

Here you can see this bull was shot out in the open:

Cow shot and left to die
Cow shot and left to die

Bullet entry
Bullet entry

Another shot cow
Cow shot in corral

Bundy says that he’s been told that these were “mercy killings” by the agents. He discovered that this was not true when he realized that one of the bulls that had been killed made a large mark in the ground with its horn when shot, signifying that the bull had been running when killed rather than sickly and lame.

You can listen to Ryan Bundy explain the killing of his cattle in the radio interview here:

Pointing out that this conflict brought by the BLM was supposedly an environmental issue, Bundy said he found areas where the federal agents “ravaged the land” with their off-road vehicles and trucks and ran over tortoise burrows.

When asked about the leaked information pointing to the possibility of an upcoming raid of Cliven Bundy’s home and his home, Bundy said, “Harry Reid himself said this ain’t over. What does he mean by that? Well, I don’t know if that means an immediate raid, or whether he’s gonna let things die down and raid us in a month or a year, or whether they’re going to try to come after us with some other type of legal action. I don’t know what he means by that.”

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