Author Topic: A San Francisco Billionaire Just Bought Obama and Delayed the Keystone XL Pipeline  (Read 325 times)

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By Soopermexican   

While the media is obsessed with the Koch brothers this campaign season, a billionaire hedge fund manager from San Francisco just bought off the White House to the tune of $100 million in order to delay the Keystone XL pipeline decision.

From Fox News:

The Obama administration once again has punted on a final decision for the Keystone XL pipeline, announcing ahead of the holiday weekend it is extending a key review period indefinitely — a move that could push off a determination until after the midterm elections.

Republicans, as well as red-state Democrats who want the proposed Canada-to-Texas pipeline approved, slammed the administration for the delay. Democrats even threatened to find ways to go around the president to get the project approved.

“It’s absolutely ridiculous that this well over five year long process is continuing for an undetermined amount of time,” Sen. Heidi Heitkamp, D-N.D., said in a statement.

What you won’t hear about in mainstream media is how Billionaire Tom Steyer drove the decision by promising to spend $100 million to help Democrats in the midterm election who help defeat the project:

Tom Steyer   @TomSteyer 
Good news on Good Friday: the comment period for #KeystoneXL has been extended. Now @StateDept can address inherent flaws in its past work.

3:42 PM - 18 Apr 2014

With the decision pushed back probably past the election, this allows the Democrats to be for or against the decision depending on their election chances and how badly they need Steyer’s support. Given that a majority of Americans want the project to go through, this is good news for vulnerable Democrats. Meanwhile, American jobs suffer, and whatever economic impact the project might have had on Russia is ignored for the sake of Obama’s political gain.

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I have a happy thought at times.

Obama finally authorizes the pipeline. The Canadians say "Tough. The Chinese have bought the next 30 years of production."

Canada owes the USA precisely nothing. He forgets that.
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"Now @StateDept can address inherent flaws in its past work."

Whoa...not exactly a ringing endorsement of the Hildebeest, now is it??

I wonder how much this guy is giving to Fauxahontas instead.......


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Whoa...not exactly a ringing endorsement of the Hildebeest, now is it??

I wonder how much this guy is giving to Fauxahontas instead.......


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