Author Topic: Why is US Senator Harry Reid so concerned with a local Nevada rancher?  (Read 271 times)

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This goes straight to the heart of the damage done to the Constitution by the 17th Amendment.  US Senators used to be appointed by the State Legislature to represent the State's interests in the US Congress.  By giving the election of US Senators to "the people", the 17th Amendment directly created our present day 2 party system that answers only to those 2 political parties, and certainly not the people or the State they supposedly represent.

None of this requires an armed insurrection to fix.  It requires honest elections that vote people like Harry Reid out of US politics for good.

If Nevadans do not like Harry Reid, then they need to stop sending him back to congress.

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The answer is simple.

Because Mr. Bundy is the epitome of a Tea Party member.   That's it.   :shrug:
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Something stinks very bad in Nevada.  I read somewhere else that the Bundys think many of their confiscated cattle were killed and buried in the desert, instead of being sent to auction. 

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