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« on: April 14, 2014, 10:03:44 PM »
by Joe Hakos

What would one of America’s leading neurosurgeons know about the American Health care system? Other than the fact that he has had to practice medicine and administer whole medical clinical specialties from within that system, what does he know about it?

Well Dr. Ben Carson has a plan that make tons more sense than Obamacare and is at least easy enough for even the most disinterested people in America can understand.

Dr Carson wants to keep it simple. Simply put, healthcare is about a patient and a doctor. That’s it. The middleman i.e. Healthcare Insurance agencies have nothing to do with healthcare but to raise the cost of healthcare. So now the middleman in America is the U.S. Government, and the Government will use the IRS as its collection agency. And to think that some in America today think that’s a good idea. Myopic visionaries one an all.

Dr Carson would like Americans to have Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and at the minimum it should have a baseline of $2000.00 in it. Also the HSA would have a set aside of 1/3 for catastrophic health issues. That would equate to $666.66 per individual.

Now I and Dr Carson know that there will be howls from the benevolent left that the poor in the Nation will not be able to afford such and expense. And that maybe so, but consider that the U.S. Government could seed every personal HSA in America and it will still be cheaper than what is in place now with Obamacare. Obamacare is now estimated to cost $2.6 Trillion in first decade. If the federal Government were to seed American’s HSAs it would cost…. $630 Billion. Seems to be a no brainer there. But when does D.C. use actual human brains.

The other patient centered things about the HSA is it is YOUR money. That’s correct, if you don’t use it this year, it rolls over to the next year. And if you unfortunately pass away it can be passed on to your heirs. Another thing the benevolent left will surely have fits about.

Oh and the ability to obtain a HSA should be allowed across state lines and be truly a free market item.

Lastly, and I know doctors everywhere will like this one, Electronic Health Records (EHR) should be patient centered and maintained by…you guessed it, the patient. The added expense to maintain EHRs has exploded under Obamacare and is a big of a lie as you can keep your doctor if you want to.

Bottom line is there are plenty of alternatives to Obamacare that make sense out there. This November why don’t we rid ourselves of those who think Americans can’t be responsible for a little healthcare planning.

Then maybe the cost of Healthcare will actually come down in America, only this time it will actually happen

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