Author Topic: Tea Party Patriots Use Elections to Push 'Flat' or 'Fair' Tax  (Read 191 times)

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The Tea Party Patriots are pushing a "flat tax" or a "fair tax" rate in the coming elections to stop the endless hiking of taxes on Americans, group President Jenny Beth Martin says.

 "A flat tax, a fair tax — either one is better than what we have now," Martin told Ed Berliner and Diane Dimond, guests hosts of "The Steve Malzberg Show" on Newsmax TV.

 "The tax code has grown and grown and grown. It's time to address the fact that we have a problem and it needs to be solved.

 "Either solution is better than where we are now. It just needs to be fixed so it can't grow so far out of control again," she said Monday.

Martin said her group is also championing "the penny plan" to reduce the nation's skyrocketing debt.

 "It is simply spending one penny less out of every dollar Washington, D.C., spends," she explained.

 "If we would do that, we can balance the budget within five years, start paying down the nation's debt, and have a surplus again.

 "That's a simple solution, it's something that Americans can agree on, and it's way to address a debt problem."

 Martin said her time with the Tea Party Patriots, which she helped co-found, has proved to her that the group is essential to the future of America — despite the ongoing criticism it receives.

 "There are people in the opposition who malign us, call us names, use the race card," she said.

 "They do that to distract and divide Americans rather than facing the fact that there are issues that must be addressed."

 Martin said her group continues to have problems with the IRS, which has been under investigation for targeting conservative groups applying for tax-exempt status.

 "We've had many problems. It took over three years for us to get our determination . . . and we only got it the day before I appeared before Congress to testify about the IRS, and that was a verbal confirmation, not even a letter at that point," she said.

 "We want to see the IRS held accountable. Ultimately, what we think needs to happen . . .  is for the entire Sixteenth Amendment and the tax code to be repealed.

 "It's 73,000 pages long right now. When people go to file their taxes, they don't even know if they're obeying the law or not because it's so complicated. It must be replaced with a fixed, flat, fair system that Americans know is simple and that they are obeying the law when they file their taxes."

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