Author Topic: Obama celebrated equal pay day by fundraising with wealthy trial lawyers  (Read 186 times)

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Obama Celebrated Equal Pay Day by Fundraising with Wealthy Trial Lawyers

BY:  Andrew Stiles // April 14, 2014 5:00 am   

President Obama celebrated “Equal Pay Day” on April 7. The next day, he attended a DNC fundraiser at the Houston home of Steve Mostyn, a fabulously wealthy trial lawyer who has donated millions to Democrats over the years, before leaving for another Democratic fundraiser at the home of multi-millionaire trial lawyer John Eddie Williams Jr. Democrats hoped to raise at least two millions dollars from the events.

Both Mostyn and Williams have accumulated sizeable fortunes by winning large class-action lawsuits against corporations and state governments. Williams, according to his firm’s website, is “passionate about the law and helping the proverbial ‘little guy.’” Mostyn, meanwhile, is a self-professed “strong advocate for everyday Texans,” who happens to own multiple yachts. He was a prominent donor to Priorities USA Action, the pro-Obama dark money group that ran ads blaming Mitt Romney for a woman’s death from cancer.

Trial lawyers, who are among the biggest and most loyal donors to the Democratic Party, stand to benefit handsomely from the Democratic legislation known as the Paycheck Fairness Act. The proposed bill would make it easier for employers to sue their employers for discrimination, facilitating lucrative class-action lawsuits, while making it harder for employers to defend themselves in court.

But don’t you dare suggest Democrats are motivated by anything other than a genuine desire to protect women from the heartless conservatives waging war on them. Only Republicans are subservient to the interests of their largest donors. Democrats are just concerned about women.
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