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President Obama Is Deliberately Collapsing Our Law Enforcement System

April 12, 2014
By Sara Noble


Sen. Sessions told the senate that the President of the United States is deliberately collapsing our law enforcement system as he spoke about I.C.E. and Obama’s refusal to deport people who make it across the border, people who are taking jobs from Americans.

The government’s policy is open borders, Sen Sessions said, and this just cannot be the policy of the nation. It cannot be the policy of a nation that expects its laws to be respected.

Sen. Sessions said that Eric Holder, the AG, and Secretary Munoz, recently described illegal immigration as a civil right. How can this be, Sessions asks? The chief law enforcement of the nation? How is it possible that the Vice President of the United States can say they are already citizens. The Vice President of the United States?

Interior removals have dropped by 44%. Two-thirds of removals are just people caught at the border and turned back. Statistics were never based on border deportations.

More than 94% of the border removals are people caught right at the border or people convicted of a serious crime and the government is counting them as border removals when they never were before. Over 99% of the people here illegally did not face removal last year.

Deportation rates are close to zero. That’s the truth. False documents don’t get people deported.

Our law enforcement system is in a state of collapse. It’s a deliberate plan by the President of the United States. It’s wrong. People need to stand up to it. Americans need to be aware of it and I think the American people are beginning to do so.

Recently, President Obama told the new DHS Secretary to look for ways to slow down deportations even more. How is this even possible unless we keep criminals.
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