Author Topic: Obama's press secretary decorates home with Soviet propaganda  (Read 258 times)

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Commie Kitsch    5:36pm ET
  White House Press Secretary Jay Carney and his family are featured in a worshipful profile in this month's Washingtonian magazine.

It's the sort of adoring journalistic exercise reserved for only the most handsome of the power elite. In it you can find out details about the Carney dog (a cousin to presidential pooch Sonny!), and how much the press secretary's tie costs ($135).
But keen observers may notice the kitchen decor in the photo: Soviet propaganda posters.
[cannot vouch for this, but it is on Drudge. He vets his stuff very seriously.]
[Well, if we take note, the Soviet government seems to be anti-homosexual, anti-muslim (so called) 'rights', they are intensely patriotic and increasingly pro-Christian. I could only dream that American government would show even one of these traits.]
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Re: Obama's press secretary decorates home with Soviet propaganda
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Just one propagandist admiring the masters.
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Re: Obama's press secretary decorates home with Soviet propaganda
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Some of the old Soviet posters are collector's items, but I guess you probably wouldn't display a collectible in the kitchen next to where you and your kiddies flippantly flip fried eggs.

Some of the old Soviet posters are so extreme that they're funny, and may be displayed as a joke.

However, there's no guarantee that it's why she has them in her kitchen.
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