Author Topic: Hume: Obama's Gender Pay Push Is Meant To Distract America From His Failures  (Read 139 times)

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HUME: Look if you’re in the situation this president and his White House and administration are in now with foreign policy and the state of near total collapse with all that’s happening in the world and obamacare having
turned out the way it did and the economy never really reaching the kind of robust recovery we hoped for, you have to talk about something other than those things.


It’s not clear to me this is going to work as a political wedge issue. I think it’s an issue that’s likely to be a reminder to women who voted for president obama that he and his party are on their side.
And they need to come out this fall and vote democratic. I think it will do a much better job of rallying the base if it does anything at all than convincing women who are republicans or independents to vote for a democrat this fall.


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