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Fox’s Ed Henry successfully trolls White House over female wage gap hypocrisy [VIDEO]

Posted By Brendan Bordelon On 4:52 PM 04/08/2014 In | No Comments

Fox News White House correspondent Ed Henry couldn’t help taunting the White House for their holier-than-thou attitude on the female wage gap Tuesday, pointing out the Obama administration’s hypocrisy in an embarrassing tweet exchange with White House communications director Jennifer Palmieri.

Tuesday afternoon’s press conference at the White House was unusually tense, with many reporters challenging press secretary Jay Carney on the misleading statistics being peddled by the Obama administration about the female wage gap (RELATED: Combative Carney snipes back over WH gender pay gap numbers).

A nerve must’ve been struck, because Palmieri sent out this tweet just minutes after the press conference ended:

Love all these guys, but note that 6 of 7 news orgs in front row sent men to ask @pressec abt the problem of gender pay inequity.

— Jennifer Palmieri (@JPalm44) April 8, 2014

Get it? Henry certainly did, and seemed offended that the White House considers it inappropriate for him and his male colleagues to do their job. Also sensing a bit of a double standard, he wasted no time in calling Palmieri out:

WH sent man to podium right? RT @JPalm44 Love these guys, but 6 of 7 news orgs in front row sent men to ask @pressec abt gender pay inequity

— Ed Henry (@edhenryTV) April 8, 2014

Henry was referring to White House press secretary Jay Carney, who spoke for some time on the female wage gap despite being, yes, a man. To which Obama’s top communications official responded with this gem:

@edhenryTV @pressec yes, one who advocates for policies to reduce gender pay inequality and appreciates seriousness of problem.

— Jennifer Palmieri (@JPalm44) April 8, 2014

Ah, so that clears it up. If you’re going to talk about gender pay inequality while being a male, the White House needs you to support their preferred policies. Particularly if you’re a journalist.

Henry appeared on Fox News’ “Shepard Smith Reporting” about an hour later to explain what was wrong with Palmieri’s line of thinking.

“What I was trying to point out is, if I’m being attacked for somehow [not being able to] ask fair questions about pay equity because I’m a man, I’m surprised the White House thinks that they can have man on the other side of the podium explaining all of this to us,” he told Shepard Smith.

“Well, I think all men should take the rest of the month off,” Smith quipped.

“That sounds good,” Henry joked. “That sounds ‘fair and equitable’ to me.”

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