Author Topic: What's The Only Job Left in America Where You Can Safely Oppose Same-Sex Marriage?  (Read 170 times)

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This week, we found out that being the CEO of a major tech company has certain job requirements: decades of experience in the field, a brilliant contribution to the internet programming world, a stellar record of interpersonal relationships with people in all walks of life, and a personal view that same-sex marriages should be approved by the government. Have the first three and not the last? You’ll be outed, shamed, and ousted.

It is now obvious that in America, the left and the media will celebrate as you are shamed and paraded through the streets in stocks if you do not approve same-sex marriage. They believe that the right to privacy somehow covers government approval of same-sex marriage, but not writing a check to back a campaign against that approval.

Engage in business in any aspect of American society, and you may be subject not only to the dictates of government, but to the job-killing hatred of the mob.

So, is there any job left in America in which it is safe to abide by your religious views against same-sex marriage?

CEO: You’re the “face of the company.” Sure, the check you signed was personal. Sure, you didn’t use any company funds, have always abided by the non-discrimination rules of your company, and have never once been criticized for unfair treatment of homosexuals. That doesn’t matter. A lot of people don’t like what you have to say. So you’ll step down. You’ll step down right quick. Because TOLERANCE!!!1!

Nun: So, you represent an institution that has for thousands of years considered homosexuality a sin. You tell children at a school for that religious institution that homosexual relationships are not as valuable for the production and raising of children as heterosexual relationships. You paraphrase the Bible and the Universal Catechism of the Catholic Church. Well, now you’re busted. Hundreds of parents will show up to protest you and scream at you. The head of your institution will apologize for your failure to abide by politically correct areligious notions about homosexuality. (And eventually, the government will threaten to remove your non-profit status.) Because DIVERSITY!!!1!

Baker: You’ve worked hard to open up your own company. And you work just as hard to live out your Biblical values on a daily basis, in accordance with your religion. But that’s not good enough. One day, a gay couple comes in and demands that you create a cake for their same-sex wedding. You refuse, because you believe same-sex marriage is wrong. In fact, you explain, “"I'll make you birthday cakes, shower cakes, sell you cookies and

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Good question. Not even the clergy will be permitted to speak in the very near future.
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1933, Germany:
Juden, AUS!

2014, U.S.A.:
Christian heteros, AUS!

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