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Juan Williams reacts to Fort Hood: Time for U.S. to go ‘gun-free’

By Cheryl K. Chumley

The Washington Times

Monday, April 7, 2014

Frequent Fox News guest Juan Williams reacted to the most recent Fort Hood shooting that left four dead and several more wounded with a rally to go gun free across the entire United States of America.

Mr. Williams made the statement in context of discussing possible solutions to Fort Hood-type shootings from occurring again. Host Eric Bolling first listed a number of high-profile shootings over the past two years that have been committed by gunmen with mental problems, including Army Spc. Ivan Lopez on this most recent Fort Hood attack.

Mr. Bolling then turned to Jonathan Hoenig, another panelist, to comment.

“Well Eric, those tragedies don’t come about because of the availability of guns but because of the mental health of a couple of real monsters,” Mr. Hoenig said, Breitbart reported. “I mean, no one goes on a killing rampage because there’s a gun around. They go on it because they’re seriously disturbed, seriously deranged people.”

The panelists also discussed the notion of “gun-free zones” and debated whether these declared areas helped or hurt efforts to quell violent crimes. As Mr. Bolling said, the Sandy Hook Elementary and Fort Hood shootings — as well as the 2012 shooting at the Aurora movie theater in Colorado that left a dozen dead — all took place in gun-free zones.

Mr. Bolling to Mr. Williams: “Is it time to stop with the gun-free zones?

Mr. Williams replied, Breitbart reported: “No, I think we need America to be a gun-free zone … and I’m amused that you guys are so quick to run away from the easy availability of guns as having some responsibility in all of these tragedies.”

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