Author Topic: Krauthammer: No More 2016 Hopes for Jeb Bush After 'Bizarre' 'Act of Love' Remarks  (Read 276 times)

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His "love' comments were indeed bizarre.   Hopefully, he will not enter the fray.  However, the neocons will do anything to take back the foreign policy issues that the GOP has apparently left.

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I gotta give him credit for coming out with this right up front.  He must be thinking about running and decided to throw this out to see how it would play.  At least, he is honest about where he stands - unlike many other politicians today.

Jeb Bush would never be my pick anyway, even before saying this, so it doesn't affect my opinion one way or the other.  But it sounds like he might be going to run and I dread that.  The big money certainly wants him. 

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You could tell, when listening to the audio, that Jeb Bush literally struggled before he mouthed the words, "Act of Love".

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