Author Topic: Brit Hume: Obama Has Lots of 'Political Audacity' to Use Gender Pay Gap as Political Issue  (Read 214 times)

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 on Breitbart TV 7 Apr 2014

On Monday's "Special Report" on the Fox News Channel, network senior political analyst Brit Hume opined on President Barack Obama's use of the gender pay gap issue as a political tool.

“Say this for President Obama --- he may be lacking in some things but certainly not in political audacity,” Hume said. “Again today, as you heard he was giving the issue of income inequality a workout. Never mind that income inequality has actually grown during his administration. He was focusing on a particular aspect of the issue: the supposed pay gap between men and women. And never mind by the measurements equal pay activists usually employ the White House has you've heard is a pay gap offender. In fact, such measurements are terribly flawed. Studies have shown when you get back past the superficial truth in average pay for women is less than that for men, the pay gap begins to evaporate.”

“That’s because average wage comparisons do not take into account the different types of jobs men and women tend to choose, themselves often a function of the different courses of study they pursue in school,” he continued. “Nor do they take into account that the different reactions men and women have with marriage and children. Many women choose to work less. Many men choose to work more. When such factors are accounted for, the pay gap shrinks from about a quarter to an hour to a nickel or less. That doesn't make much of a political issue. But don't expect Mr. Obama and his allies to abandon the issue anytime soon. They no doubt still believe in it and there’s a congressional election only months away.”

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