Author Topic: Team Boehner Frantically Reassures Drudge That GOP Really Is Repealing Obamacare  (Read 250 times)

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If a politician's number one concern is being re-elected, it's not a bad plan to get behind obamacare, and appear to be working for a solution within it's framework. In my corner of the world, people overwhelmingly want socialized healthcare. Sure, they don't really understand what they'll get, but it doesn't stop them from wanting it.

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If we want to see a repeal of 0bamacare ever, it is important to have non-0bamacare policies available. It would be very disruptive to have the majority of Americans on 0bamacare policies and then just cancel them. That would disrupt even more people than 0bamacare did in the first place.
What this legislation did is allow alternative policies to continue being sold - specifically, those that many employees of small businesses use. Congress can't repeal 0bamacare this year, but they can - and should - be doing as much as they can to make it easier to repeal next year. This is one of those things.

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