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Unbelievable! Mexican Military Held Border Patrol Agents at Gunpoint in AZ, Obama Silent

April 6, 2014
By Sara Noble

Mexican soldiers

Two armed Mexican soldiers carrying weapons and donning uniforms similar to these crossed onto U.S. soil last January.

Two heavily armed soldiers dressed in camouflage held U.S. Border Patrol agents at gunpoint within Arizona borders for 35 minutes. They then left as if nothing happened. President Obama ignored it. It’s unbelievable but it’s true.

This happened January 26th – did you hear about it in the mainstream?

The LA Times and Judicial Watch reported on it recently but and buzz feed reported it last month.

Apparently in the last four years, there have been two dozen such incursions. There are so many people coming across the borders illegally, they probably aren’t sure we have borders.

The U.S. agents, also with guns drawn, summoned help. The soldiers misidentified themselves at first. A report of the incident said the men identified themselves as Carlos Antique Juarez and Jorge Alberto Hernandez-Morales. But on of the U.S. agents noted that the name tapes on their uniforms “did not coincide with the names provided. One, in fact, was partially covered.” Juarez’s name tag said “Diaz”; Hernandez-Morales’ tag showed only “Rue.”

They said they were there pursuing drug smugglers. It is definitely conceivable that they were there to protect cartels that are now well within our borders. James Phelps, a border and homeland security professor at Angelo State University in San Angelo, Texas said, “Many [Mexican soldiers] are essentially a functional asset of the cartels.”

The LA Times described our SW border as “often chaotic and violent”.  But we don’t need to close the border, no, not at all,  what we need to do, if we are to believe the president and his minions, is legalize everyone who makes it across. Welcome to lala land.

The Mexican Embassy at first said they weren’t soldiers but rather drug dealers in military uniforms. When confronted with the evidence, they fessed up but they weren’t the least bit apologetic.

Ariel Moutsatsos, minister for press and public affairs at the Mexican Embassy, said “The two members of the Mexican army did not see any sign notifying them that they were crossing the border.” He attempted to present it as the normal state of affairs and something U.S. agents do as well.

A U.S. Embassy spokesperson in Mexico City tried to cover it up. He said military incursions from Mexico were infrequent. But his letter to Sen. Coburn, ranking Republican on the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, cited 23 such incidents in the Tucson and Yuma sectors of Arizona since 2010, including three in this fiscal year.
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Mexicans crossing the border to shield drug runners and us troops crossing the border to shield gun runners. The beat goes on.

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