Author Topic: Shapiro on Mozilla: the left legitimzed despicable tactics  (Read 214 times)

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Shapiro on Mozilla: the left legitimzed despicable tactics
« on: April 07, 2014, 07:04:54 AM »
Shapiro on Mozilla: The Left Legitimized Despicable Tactics

"It's a frightening country to live in when a boycott can be led against you specifically based on your beliefs..."

 Jeremy Boreing |

TruthRevolt founder Ben Shapiro appeared on the The Kelly File on Friday to discuss this website's move to temporarily block users of the popular web-browser Mozilla Firefox from accessing the site's content.

According to Shapiro, the left has now "legitimized" this and other "despicable" tactics. In this specific case, TruthRevolt's action comes after a similar campaign by the online dating site OkCupid caused Mozilla to fire its CEO, Brendan Eich, for having made a personal financial contribution to a political campaign to define marriage as being between one man and one woman in 2008.

Said Shapiro,

"It's a frightening country to live in when a boycott can be led against you specifically based on your beliefs and that's why we're striking back against Mozilla by doing exactly what OkCupid did."

Asked by Megyn Kelly if it is appropriate for the political right to engage in the same tactics it blasts the left for utilizing, Shapiro gave a resounding 'yes.'

"At this point, absolutely yes. All tactics are on the table. What I'm trying to establish here is mutually assured destruction. The fact that they get to use this tactic and destroy people's lives and destroy their businesses because of their own political beliefs... they need to be held to their own standard." ... "The moment they stop using these tactics, I'm happy to shut this all down. But until then, there are a lot more of us than there are of them and we're going to have to fight back in the ways that are available to us. Especially since they've now legitimized tactics that I personally find kind of despicable."

In an op-ed Friday, Shapiro made clear that that the actions by TruthRevolt have nothing to do with gay marriage itself, but everything to do with the freedoms of speech and religion. To Megyn Kelly he added:

"Eventually their will be an attempt to make government enforce these sorts of politically correct rules." ... "If you really believe that this all going to stop at private boycotts by companies like OkCupid, you've got another thing coming."

Please visit our petition against Mozilla's action here.
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