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MB Obama Doctrine: He is with them and against us

Posted on April 7, 2014   by ror1774    

AZAN Jihad in the West muslim
 April 5, 2014 by Pamela Geller

Here are the latest offerings from Obama’s “peace” partners (scroll). Despite their continuing war against America and their vicious, bloody campaign to impose sharia, Obama relentlessly stalks them for “peace,” handing over money, power, and mindless accommodation in exchange for humiliation, murder and mayhem.

Obama gave them legitimacy, and they repay every day him in blood. President Karzai confirmed that the Obama Administration actually told him that the Taliban, which provided al Qaeda its base of support for September 11, was not an enemy of the U.S. He said:

 Last year, during my visit to Washington, in a very important briefing a day before I met U.S. President [Barack Obama], his national security adviser Tom Donilon, and senior White House officials, generals, and intelligence officials, the national security adviser met with me. He told me: “The Taliban are not our enemies and we don’t want to fight them.”

And therein is the Obama Doctrine: He is with them and against us. And his propaganda wing, the enemedia, rides shotgun in selling this unprecedented anti-American, anti-freedom policy of submission.

Taliban jihadists behead Afghan children, poison girls’ schools and slaughter our soldiers in green on blue attacks, target and AP journalists, slaughter Afghans who dare to attend a party where dancing takes place. Our soldiers are forbidden to criticize the Taliban, pedophilia, or “anything related to Islam,” or “advocate for women’s rights.” Barack Hussein Obama used the NATO summit to pressure Afghan leader Hamid Karzai to engage with greater urgency with the Taliban about a “political settlement” in Afghanistan.

Obama has declared that Afghanistan is a “major non-NATO ally.” The non-NATO ally declaration allows for streamlined defense cooperation, more money, expedited purchasing ability of American equipment, and easier export control regulations. And he has committed to more jizya for the Taliban.

Has Obama seen what the Taliban have run in a previous issue of their magazine, Azan?

 Reports From Issue V Of Taliban Magazine ‘Azan’

– Issue V Of Taliban Jihadi Magazine Azan Questions Basis Of Modern Nation-States And Armies As Set Out By Clausewitz, Says: ‘If Muslim Rule Is Again To Be Established Anywhere … This Corrupt Institution Needs To Be Completely Uprooted’

– Taliban Commander Adnan Rasheed Accuses Pakistan Army Of Deliberately Killing Civilians At Hotel In Waziristan, Says Pakistan Army Guilty Of Massacres In Waziristan, Lahore, Bangladesh, Baluchistan, and Jordan

-In Issue V, Taliban Magazine ‘Azan’ Publishes Article On ‘Counter-Drone Strategy’, Seeks Jihadi Engineers Who Can ‘Hack Into The Private Encrypted Network Of The Pentagon’

– In Issue V, Taliban Magazine ‘Azan’ Praises British Bombers, Says: ‘One Of The Nations At The Head Of This War Against Islam Is Britain’; ‘Muslims… Should Join The Mujahideen’ And ‘Attack The Kuffar In Britain’

-Issue V Of Taliban Magazine ‘Azan’ Calls To Free Pakistani Scientist Dr. Aafia Siddiqui From U.S. Prison: ‘After… 9/11, She Urged Her Husband To Be A Medic For The Mujahideen Of Afghanistan’

– In Issue V, Taliban Magazine ‘Azan’ Says Carrying Weapon Is A Tradition Of The Prophet Muhammad, Cites Koranic Verses And Hadiths In Support Of This Claim

-In Issue V Of Taliban Magazine ‘Azan,’ Al-Qaeda Scholar Cites Koranic Verses To Reject Islamists’ Acceptance Of Democracy As Means Of Establishing Islam – And Advocates ‘Jihad In The Path Of Allah’

-Issue V Of Taliban Magazine ‘Azan’ Publishes Encrypted Software Key For Potential Jihadi Youth To Contact Them
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Re: Muslim Brotherhood Obama doctrine: he is with them and against us
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[[ MB Obama Doctrine: He is with them and against us ... ]]

Sometimes, the title is all you need to read....!

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