Author Topic: Why Liberalism is Pseudo-Religious Intellectual Poison  (Read 107 times)

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Why Liberalism is Pseudo-Religious Intellectual Poison
« on: April 06, 2014, 11:24:54 AM »
By Kelly OConnell

WHY do liberal folks never get it? Why do a million successive failures not clue them in that their ideas are failure incarnate? These geniuses refuse to amalgamate the raw data laying all around to inexorably force the conclusion that the premises of liberalism are false. Because, much like how poison works—by mimicking the good things our bodies need, but delivering death instead of life—liberalism is a faux religion, a fake ethics. Liberalism causes death.

Hamlet’s father was supposedly killed by poison poured into his ear. In the same way, the toxin of liberalism is poured into the ears of the young and credulous. It sinks into the bones and forever ruins the tender apparatus of logic, questioning and belief. In fact, many of today’s youth are passing out of schools with an almost complete inability to think independently. Additionally, an unparallelled amount of pressure is being laid upon members of society to acquiesce to pre-determined beliefs, under the rubric of Political Correctness, etc. So increasing numbers of our society are in the perilous position of not being able to defend themselves against false ideas, forced to carry the heavy yoke of ideology they are in no way prepared to understand.

Let’s recall that philosopher John Locke, arguably the American Founder’s chief intellectual influence, went to a school where the headmaster “taught his pupils to think for themselves and to beware of the influence of propaganda.” And yet today, the media, university elites, and political class all have a huge investment in the propagation of large, and often spectacularly creative works of propaganda, such as the cult of Global Warming. For the sake of brevity, the phrase “modern liberalism” is defined as being indistinguishable from socialism.

I. How Poison Works

If liberalism is a perniciously false and wholly injurious system of thought, we can rightly claim it affects a poisonous impact upon its consumers. Poison is itself dangerous because it takes the place, on a molecular level, of something important for living organisms. This harms or kills the recipient, as explained by one site:

Although every poison works differently, they all do the same thing. Poisons get into your body and gum up something essential in your body’s cells. Without that essential something, your cells die, and so do you.

Take, for example, the gas known as carbon monoxide. This poison is produced when things burn. Car exhaust contains carbon monoxide. When you inhale carbon monoxide, it enters your lungs. Inside your lungs, the goal is for red blood cells to release carbon dioxide and to pick up oxygen. But if there is carbon monoxide in the air, it locks into red blood cells at the place where the oxygen normally attaches. And once in a red blood cell, it is very hard to get the carbon monoxide out. Eventually, if you breathe enough of it, all of your red blood cells get polluted with carbon monoxide and cannot carry any oxygen. At that point, all of the cells in your body suffocate from lack of oxygen, and you die.

The application here is that modern liberalism takes the place of something necessary, such as effective political theory, or the naturally propensity towards religious belief. Further, and like a dangerous poison, liberalism takes the place of useful, safe and effective ideas and beliefs, and replaces these with opposition to natural rights, a fixation on tyranny, and a miss-education over what is most important in life.

II. Liberalism as Pseudo-Religion

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