Author Topic: Ferguson guaranteed $5 million if he's passed over for 'Late Night' gig  (Read 179 times)

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David Letterman’s pending Late Show retirement is a win-win for one lucky potential successor – his protege, Craig Ferguson reports The New York Post.

The Late-Late Show host’s contract with CBS automatically gives Letterman’s empty chair to Ferguson if he wants it, while awarding him $5 million if he is passed over, according to a Hollywood source who has been appraised of the details.

“Conan’s was a lot bigger,” the source joked of Ferguson’s contract, which expires in June.

Conan O’Brien collected $10 million thanks to his own “out” clause, after being passed over for “The Tonight Show” gig in 1993.

Meanwhile, a coast-to-coast tug-of-war played out Friday, with pols in both New York and LA vying to keep or get geographic dibs.

LA Mayor Eric Garcetti has already written to CBS Chairman Les Moonves about

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