Author Topic: What "Things Will Look Like" If We Stay On "The Road That We Are On"  (Read 122 times)

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Yesterday, Rush Limbaugh talked about what the country would look like if we stayed on our current path of sucktacularity. He painted a "horrifying picture of what things would look like if the United States stays on the the current road we're on."

And I'm not trying to be Debbie Downer or anything, but it's UGLY.

And it freaks me out. And it makes me angry.  And it's the reason that Mock and I do what we do every day.  It's the reason I work nights and weekends.  Because I'm trying to get people to WAKE THE FREAK UP and take notice of this stuff.

From the Daily, if this doesn't make you take pause, then you've definitely drank way too much of the Kool-Aid:

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