Author Topic: Urban League: underemployment worse for blacks than whites and hispanics  (Read 175 times)

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Urban League: Unemployment Worse for Blacks than Whites, Hispanics
04.02.2014 | Jerome Hudson | 4

Six years into Obama’s Presidency and after offering up 96 percent (2008) and 93 percent (2012) of their support to get and keep him in office, black Americans are still stuck in a rut of joblessness and chronic unemployment. At least that’s what the National Urban League says in its latest State of Black America report.

Under Obama, black Americans are twice as likely as whites to be unemployed. And the unemployment rate for blacks was 12 percent in February, compared to 5.8 percent for whites.


The report tilted “One Nation Unemployed: Raise the Minimum Wage” was released Wednesday and calls for job training programs, jobs bills targeted at blacks and Latinos, and an infrastructure bill.

Although the report doesn’t mention exactly where employers are supposed to get the extra capital to pay their workers beyond what they are currently paying in wages, it does come along with a nice video and some cool graphics.

More good news is that President Obama took time from his Yay Y’all We Managed to Pull 7.1 Million Obamacare Shopping Cart People Out of Our Butts Tour today to push Congress to pass legislation that would raise the minimum wage.

The bad news is that Barack Obama’s government — expanding policies high on taxation and low on free market growth — are one of the main reasons why businesses aren’t hiring Americans, black, white, purple, or green.

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[[ Urban League: Unemployment Worse for Blacks than Whites, Hispanics ]]

Of course it is, and considering what's been happening in this country over the last twenty years, it's the natural result of things.

Blacks are becoming unemployed or underemployed because their "laborworthiness" is being displaced by the millions of illegal Hispanics flooding into the U.S.A.

Hispanics will work harder, for lower pay, with less complaining -- and in many cases, do the job better than blacks.

Add to the mix the crumbling black culture that produces young blacks with few employable skills and not much desire to work or even show up on time, and who can blame an employer for preferring to hire Hispanics (or whites)?

Force the minimum wage upwards, and it will only exacerbate the situation, as employers will now expect -more- from their workers in exchange for higher pay. Too many low-wage-earning blacks aren't going to be able to measure up vis-a-vis the Hispanics and illegals.

But hey -- what's the Urban League's position on illegal immigration ???????

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