Author Topic: Opting out of Common Core testing could cost districts funding  (Read 163 times)

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by Barbara O'Brien
April 4, 2014

There could be a loss of federal or state funding for districts whose participation falls below the 95 percent benchmark set by New York State.


Those and others fell short of the 95 percent participation required by the state, and it could hurt their budgets, according to Erie 1 BOCES Superintendent Donald A. Ogilvie. Federal aid could be reduced, and the increase in state aid could be withheld.

“The potential there is for the state to withhold aid,” he said,.

“It will likely have an impact on individual teacher evaluations, building and district standing in the accountability system.”

Springville-Griffith Institute Central School District Superintendent Paul M. Connelly said he was concerned about the potential for the district to lose out on funding from the state because it failed to meet the 95 percent threshold.

“I don’t anticipate them doing that, but you never know,” Connelly said.

North Collins was surprised in a fourfold increase in opt-outs this year. Twenty students refused to take the test, causing the district to dip below 95 percent participation, interim Superintendent Joan Thomas said. She said districts are facing possible state penalties for the actions of parents.

Please note: the Buffalo News operates a soft-paywall.
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