Author Topic: Benghazi Victim's Uncle Slams Obama Admin: 'Delusional, Paid Liars'  (Read 281 times)

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by Fox News Insider // Apr 03 2014 // 1:03pm
As seen on America's Newsroom

Former Acting CIA Director Michael Morell gave his first public testimony on the Benghazi attack yesterday.

Morell denied allegations that he or the agency bowed to political pressure to change the talking points. He said he believed CIA analysts who thought the attack was a protest, rather than the station chief on the ground.

One of the four Americans killed was Foreign Service Officer Sean Smith. Bill Hemmer spoke to his uncle, Michael Ingmire today on America’s Newsroom.

Ingmire said the conversation moved forward during the hearing, but he still wasn’t satisfied. He called out Morell for throwing the analysts under the bus, which was “cowardly and weasel-like.”

Morell said he edited out the word “extremists” and Al Qaeda because he didn’t want to enflame tensions in the Middle East.

 Ingmire called it another excuse and said, “To a large degree, the promotion of the anti-Islamic video by President Obama and Hillary Clinton actually brought the video into greater focus and created more protests.”

He slammed former UN Ambassador Susan Rice, calling her a “taxpayer paid liar” for touting the anti-Islamic video as the reason for the attack.

“I’m just really offended by these people,” Ingmire said, “They’re delusional and [amateur] at best.”

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