Author Topic: Obama Aide: Obamacare Won't Be Popular 'Until the President Leaves Office'  (Read 195 times)

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 by Wynton Hall 3 Apr 2014, 7:14 AM PDT

On Wednesday, MSNBC's Chuck Todd reported that top Obama insiders privately concede Obamacare is--and will remain--unpopular, despite the administration's enrollment tally claims.

"I had one senior political aide who's known the president for nearly [a] decade, say to me, 'We think the numbers on health care won't move until the president leaves office," Todd said.

Todd also stated, "They were careful to say: you know what, in all honesty, the numbers haven't moved. You talk to the senior political aides, they say, we see the same things you do, the numbers haven't moved, and we don't think the numbers will move."

Democrats are concerned that the November 4th midterm elections will present a problem for the party. Top Democrat pollster Celinda Lake, for example, told The New York Times, "I'm worried this could be a disaster." One Democratic member of Congress even said that Obama was poisonous for Democrats.

Pollster Nate Silver now predicts a 60% chance that Republicans will take back the Senate, while The Washington Post reports that other election models put GOP chances of winning the Senate at better than 80%.

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it won't ever be popular

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It will be popular for being infamous.

Here's what I would do as a GOP strategist.

Rick Perry....solemnly at his desk with a prop made to look like an executioner's old time electric switch.  ON/OFF...blinking red light.

Camera slowly zooms up so his face fills the screen.

"My fellow Americans.  Texas believes in Justice.  Texas believes in moral laws.  And when necessary and proper, capital punishment.

When you elect Republicans in November, we will publicly throw this switch to my right.....and 'execute' Obamacare.

We will turn on the health insurance free markets and Americans everywhere will begin to live a normal life again.....know what it's like to work FORTY HOURS a week and experience instant relief from a purposely wrecked economy by domestic enemies known as the Democrat Party".

Good night.
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