Author Topic: CNN’s Chris Cuomo Uses Fort Hood Shooting To Push Gun Control Agenda  (Read 163 times)

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CNN’s Chris Cuomo Uses Fort Hood Shooting To Push Gun Control Agenda

By Jeffrey Meyer | April 3, 2014 | 11:52

 For the second time in five years, Fort Hood was the site of a shooting by a rogue member of the military. While the shooting, which occurred during the afternoon of Wednesday April 2, had fewer victims than the one five years ago, CNN predictably used the tragedy to push for greater gun control in America.

After Piers Morgan's Twitter tirade on Wednesday night, CNN’s Chris Cuomo wondered despite the shooter having mental health issues, why he was “Still able to walk into a private store and get this semi-automatic handgun that he winds up using, not a military issued weapon, his own. Don't you think that's something that needs to be addressed in terms of who's abled to get these conceal carry permits and weapons?” [See video below.] [VIDEO AT LINK]

 Cuomo’s gun control questioning came during an interview with former FBI assistant director Tom Fuentes, who shared Cuomo’s gun control sentiments. After Cuomo initially mentioned the mental health aspects associated with the shooter, his guest immediately helped to launch the gun control discussion:

    This is yet another story, a person with psychiatric problems walking into a gun shop and being able to obtain and weapon and ammunition and go shoot who he wants. I think that's nothing new. We've seen that in our society. That's not going to change. There's no indication of any political will to change that situation, so we'll just have to deal with it as it comes.

The CNN host then used Fuentes’ comments to push the liberal gun control agenda by asking “As somebody in the business of stopping crime, when you see this pattern, is it something that is relevant to address in your opinion?” 

Unfortunately, Cuomo’s gun control comments were not the only ones to come from someone who has been associated with CNN. Former CNN host and gun control crusader Piers Morgan predictably sent out a tirade of tweets from his Twitter account on Wednesday night including the following:

Morgan has a disgusting history of using tragedies to push his liberal political agenda, including blaming a gun advocate for “allowing” more shooting deaths after Newtown and even used the final broadcast of his “Piers Morgan Live” program to call for the disarmament of U.S. citizens.

It’s disappointing that CNN’s hosts are unable to refrain from politicizing tragedies and feel it necessary to move away from simply covering the event to instead promoting their liberal gun control agenda.

See relevant transcript below. [READ TRANSCRIPT AT LINK]

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If it weren't for gun control, 3 of these soldiers would probably be alive.     **nononono*

Character still matters.  It always matters.

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Why is he complaining?  This was a gun free zone and the killer should not have been there. :woohoo:
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Why is he complaining?  This was a gun free zone and the killer should not have been there. :woohoo:

That a military base is a gun-free zone shows how effed-up our services' priorities are.  There seems to be no will on the part of the brass or Congress to change this bizarre situation.

Why in hell? 
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