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If Only the Duke Were Leading the GOP - Lloyd Marcus
« on: April 03, 2014, 10:29:28 AM »
April 3, 2014
If Only the Duke Were Leading the GOP
By Lloyd Marcus

Folks, I have had it with political gurus' advised metrosexual approach to dealing with the cold, callous politicking spewing out of the Democratic Party.

These vile people consider undermining the best interest of the American people and sacrificing American lives mere collateral damage in the implementation of their socialist/progressive agenda (fundamental transformation of America).

While they aggressively attack values, institutions, and traditions held dear by a majority of Americans, Democrats, with MSM support, portray themselves as victims of right-wing extremism and aggression.

With impunity, Democrats relentlessly throw lies and every despicable dirty trick under the sun at us (conservatives/Republicans).

And yet we are vehemently cautioned by experts on both sides of the political aisle to be nice, abandon commonsense solutions, relax our morals and principles, guard our words, and be extremely careful not to offend – less we be called mean-spirited, extremists, and kooks by the Democrats and their MSM hit squad.

Meanwhile, Republicans following the wimpy-warrior advice of consultants has resulted in empowering Democrats, leaving Dems emboldened to do whatever they please. .

Here are a handful of examples from a long list that document my point.

Think about this, folks.  The president of the United States tells the American people a whopper of a lie to sign ObamaCare into law.  Upon the exposure of his lie, Obama offers no apology or repentance.  Instead, his Administration’s attitude is Gotcha!  You're stuck with ObamaCare – so deal with it.  If that's not outrageous, unprecedented, and arrogant enough, Obama illegally changes the federal law (ObamaCare) at will, 35 times thus far, with very little pushback.

Displaying unbelievable arrogance, Obama's IRS continues to persecute Tea Party groups while under congressional investigation for illegally persecuting Tea Party groups.

Infuriatingly, Democrat Congresswoman Barbara Lee accused Republican Congressman Paul Ryan of racism for daring to honestly address poverty in America.  Congressman Ryan, as an American who happens to be black, I beg of you, please do not shut up!

Epitomizing the Democrats' sense of invincibility and confidence that the MSM will have their back no matter what, Senate Majority Leader Democrat Harry Reid denies calling victims of ObamaCare liars, despite video of him doing so.

Something went terribly wrong, resulting in the deaths of four Americans at our U.S. consulate in Benghazi.  For a year and a half, the Obama administration has stonewalled the investigation.  Now, all 17 Democrats on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee are demanding that the probe end, claiming nothing to see here.  Totally outrageous.  Folks, this is off-the-chain out-of-control gall and arrogance.

And yet, we conservatives/Republicans are still told to play nice, lest we anger Democrats and the MSM.  That just frosts me.

Oh, how I long to see a little old-fashioned John Wayne (the Duke) testosterone when dealing with these evil unworthy-of-any-respect jive turkeys.

Republicans need to ignore all those idiots and Judases who continue to advise us that the only way to win elections is to allow the Democrats' dismantling of America as founded and the abandonment of our Constitution to go unchallenged.

For crying out loud, let's politically fight back like men.  Yes, I said it.  Like men.  Maleness or the slightest hint of testosterone is branded bad in America today.

As a child, when asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I said, “A man” – someone who had the courage of his convictions, always trying to do the right thing.  In short, I wanted to be like my dad: a good man, highly respected.

We cannot continue to passively allow liberal Democrat extremist bullies to politically kick our butts.  It is time to politically push back.

Sadly, real men of true grit and backbone like the Duke are becoming a thing of the past in our 21st-century metrosexual America.

However, there are a few conservative Republican politicians who give me hope.  One in particular is Sen Ted Cruz – bold, articulate, confident and inspiring.  The Duke would be proud.
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