Author Topic: Obamacare fan to cancer patient: "hope you die soon."  (Read 161 times)

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Obamacare fan to cancer patient: "hope you die soon."
« on: April 03, 2014, 06:48:57 AM »

ObamaCare Fan To Cancer Patient: “Hope You Die Soon”
by Whoopie • 2 April, 2014

Julie BoonstraJulie Boonstra lives in Michigan and suffers from leukemia. She also starred in a political ad produced by ‘Americans for Prosperity’ in which she voices her frustrations with ObamaCare.

Specifically, that she lost her existing coverage and the ObamaCare alternatives are unaffordable.

For ‘speaking truth to power’ no less than Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has called her a liar and Michigan Congressman Gary Peters has threatened to sue her for reminding people in this video that he voted for ObamaCare.

He’s also directed his lawyers to threaten any TV network that carries the AFP ads with loss of their broadcast license.

Democrat “fact checkers” have gone to work spreading the “current truth” that Julie Boonstra is stupid because ObamaCare is a much better deal and that if she crunched the numbers she’d see that. Of course, they don’t offer to crunch those numbers for her, you’ll just have to take their word for it.

For her part she says she can’t compare the costs because that information is lacking on the ‘’ website. She doesn’t even know if she’d be able to continue seeing her cancer specialist or the hospital where she’s been treated or if the ObamaCare plan would pay for the meds she’s already been prescribed.

Well, because she won’t shut up and go away and neither her or AFP will be intimidated by elected bullies the next step is to organize a hatemail campaign…

Boonstra letter

I wonder if it was the IRS that leaked her home address to some Leftwing website? I guess if she likes her freedom of speech, she can keep it. It’s the Chicago way.

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