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Michelle Malkin Eviscerates Stephen Colbert and Liberal Race Hypocrites

"But what do I know, Mr. Colbert? Me so stupid. You so funny."

 Jeff Dunetz |

Last week Stephen Colbert made a racist anti-Asian joke on his Comedy Central program, which was tweeted out by his program's official twitter account. Instead of being contrite Colbert ridiculed those who objected to his racial stereotype. In her Wednesday column, conservative author and activist  Michelle Malkin eviscerated Colbert and the liberal media who "profit off of cheap, vulgar, buck-toothed Asian stereotypes."

After explaining Colbert's history of anti-Asian stereotypes, addressing the Twitter campaign started by liberal Korean-American writer, Suey Park, and the choice of some conservatives "suck-ups" who supported the Coward Colbert, Malkin ripped into "Coward Colbert": “Asians are also convenient, “uncool” punching bags. Unlike offended Muslim fanatics (see “The Mohammed Cartoons”), they’re not going to issue fatwas, threaten beheadings, or blow themselves up. Coward Colbert and his cable news persona would never dare offend the jihad-friendly brigade at CAIR; the only jabs he takes are at “Islamophobe” conservatives who worry about the poisonous spread of sharia law.

Colbert defenders “circled the wagons,” as Rush Limbaugh pointed out on Monday, by griping instead about Limbaugh’s 18-second imitation on radio of a Chinese government translator in 2011: “Notice how to get this guy out of the mess that he’s in, apparently they have to link him to me. Why? I don’t know.”

Colbert needs partisan sycophants to go along with his selective clown-nose act, every step of the way, to provide him total immunity as he scrapes the bottom of the “comedy” barrel to portray the Right as racist. Blaming Rush (or lazily mocking my 2004 book on internment, profiling, and national security, as Colbert did on his show Monday night) deflects from the genuine offense taken by Park and other liberals at Colbert’s widespread dissemination of yellowface caricatures. They are a threat to his enterprise.

Malkin continues by providing a long list of liberals using and enjoying stereotypes about Asians for comic effect before delivering the coup de grâce: "It’s not the outrage that’s manufactured, but Colbert’s sanctimonious myth of left-wing purity and his phony indictment of conservatives as the predominant forces of intolerance in America.

But what do I know, Mr. Colbert? Me so stupid. You so funny.
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