Author Topic: Debbie Wasserman-Schultz can't think of a single Obamacare problem needing to be fixed  (Read 144 times)

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Debbie Wasserman Schultz Can't Think of a Single Obamacare Problem Needing To Be Fixed

A problem "that comes to mind immediately? No, nothing glaring."

 Jeff Dunetz |

Appearing on Tuesday's Daily Rundown on MSNBC, DNC Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz couldn't come up with one problem with Obamacare that needs fixing. Wasserman Schultz began by criticizing the GOP for wanting to repeal ObamaCare rather than correct its problems, then asserted that Obamacare is going to help Democrats in 2014 because voters will give her party credit for getting people covered and addressing Obamacare problems as they might arise. Host Chuck Todd  asked Wasserman Schultz to "give me a bill right now you would introduce to address a problem."

Wasserman Schultz answered:

“There's no specific bill, actually, right now that I would --

Todd interrupted:

“You don't view there's a legislative problem that needs to be fixed?

Wasserman Schultz:

“I think there are going to be issues that arise around the margins. If we just have a chance to sit with Republicans, as we've done through hundreds of bills through years of our history, we could hammer out problems that arise.


“You don't have one that's on your radar screen?

Wasserman Schultz:

“That comes to mind immediately? No, nothing glaring. I'm not saying that there aren't problems. There are always going to be, you know, ticks in a law that arise. What we should be doing is sitting down and working those out.

Some of the Florida Congresswomen's senior citizen supporters might suggest that something needs to be done with the medical device tax, and her union supporters might well mention the health-care mandate being tied to a 30-hour week, causing some workers to lose hours.
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