Author Topic: Democrat Senator Pulls Resolution To Honor Cesar Chavez After GOP Adds Border Security Language  (Read 232 times)

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Democrat Senator Pulls Resolution To Honor Cesar Chavez After GOP Adds Border Security Language
By Top Right News on April 1, 2014

by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

Senator Bob Menendez introduced a resolution to honor “Cesar Chavez’ legacy.” But hilarity ensued when Republicans tried to tell the truth about Chavez’ real position against illegal immigration.

With the late-labor icon Cesar Chavez in the news because of the release of the film bearing his name, plus his March 31 birthday, many advocates for illegal alien amnesty are using Chavez’ memory to promote their cause.

One such advocate, New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez, introduced a resolution calling for the Senate to honor and promote his legacy.

But the resolution was objected to by Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions on behalf of Louisiana Senator David Vitter, who wanted to add an amendment pointing out that Chavez opposed illegal immigration, demanded a secure border, and believed in enforcing immigration law.

Menendez, who has introduced the resolution eight years running, requested live unanimous consent for the commemorative resolution because in the past it has been blocked without a way of knowing who did so.

    “Cesar Chavez was a man before his time, and he deserves proper recognition,” Menendez continued. “He dedicated his life to fighting for equality, justice, and dignity – not only for Hispanic Farm Workers, but for ALL workers in the United States.”

    “If Republicans are going to object yet again – for an eighth year in a row – to honoring this great American hero, I want it to be on the record,” Menendez said on the floor.

Well Menendez — a member of the Senate’s infamous “Gang of 8″ which passed an amnesty bill for illegals in 2013 — got way more than he bargained for.

Not only did Republicans speak out, but they spelled out exactly what Chavez actually believed about immigration and the border.

Vitter wanted to add that Chavez believed in enforcing immigration laws because of “the deleterious effects of inexpensive labor” on the wages of farm workers in the U.S.

The two-part amendment concluded that Chavez recognized the importance of a secure southern border with Mexico and encouraged members of the United Farm Workers of America to contact immigration authorities to report instances of illegal labor.

In fact Chavez was so virulently opposed to illegal immigrants, that he routinely reported them to the then-INS to get them deported, and even led a large protest along the Mexican border with Civil Rights icon Rev. Ralph Abernathy, to protest the insecure border and Mexican illegal alien invasion which he denounced for stealing his union workers’ jobs and hurting their wages.

Even pro-amnesty columnist Ruben Navarrette ridiculed La Raza’s cynical use of Chavez’ legacy, insisting that “Cesar Chavez Would Not Have Supported Amnesty for Illegals.”

In fact, Chavez himself used language that would earn him a “hater” label by the SPLC were he alive today, routinely using the term “illegals” and “wetbacks”to describe Mexican border crossers…

Back in the Senate, Robert Menendez said the language clarifying Chavez’ real positions on the border and illegals was “irrelevant” to the commemorative resolution before pulling the resolution altogether.

Which just goes to show, Democrats are all about distorting history to use as propaganda.

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