Author Topic: Bill Maher fools guests with 'racist Paul Ryan quote that was actually said by Michelle Obama  (Read 175 times)

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Bill Maher Fools Guests With ‘Racist’ Paul Ryan Quote That Was Actually Said By Michelle Obama

After a short discussion with guests about some controversial statements from Paul Ryan, that some asserted were racist, Maher then read a quote that he falsely attributed to Ryan. He then dropped the hammer by identifying the source: Michelle Obama.

Maher made made the point that black people can say things that white people cannot.

I’m just asking: Is something less true if a white person says it about black people? This sounds even more like, ‘Hey Black people, don’t be lazy.’
Comedian W. Kamau Bell, obviously uncomfortable, responded back:

She’s talking to Black people,” Bell retorted. “We talk to each other differently than we talk to you.”
Typically defending the left side of the aisle, Maher also has a reputation for calling out hypocrisy and double-standards on occasion, no matter who it’s from.

If a hardcore progressive like Maher can reject the notion that any white person with non-leftwing solutions for what’s going on in non-white communities, like Paul Ryan, is automatically “racist,” then what’s other liberals’ excuse for the non-stop race-baiting?
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