Author Topic: Daily Caller: Nazi porn queen banned by German neo-Nazi party for porn sex with black dude  (Read 1564 times)

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Nazi porn queen banned by German neo-Nazi party for porn sex with black dude

by Eric Owen

7:31 PM 03/29/2014


It was love at first sight for the Germany’s neo-Nazi National Democratic Party (NDP) when Ina Groll, a porn star who goes by the name “Kitty Blair,” decided to participate in a high-profile campaign to boost the marginal party’s voter turnout.

NDP officials utilized the blonde, disturbingly tatted-up actress’s talents in various political stunts by, for example, situating her outside polling stations while wearing very few clothes. The 28-year-old porn thespian also palled around with senior party officials.

In a cruel twist of fate, reports the Daily Mail, NDP officials severed all ties with Groll after one functionary sat down to enjoy one of her movies and was shocked – shocked – to see her having sex with a black male porn actor.

The title of the film that raised the ire of the NDP leadership is “Kitty Discovers Sperm.”

A Facebook page turned up advocating Groll’s banishment from the neo-Nazi party.

“Those who sell their body for money and disgrace their race have no place in our party,” one angry Facebook user wrote.

Groll’s situation then moved into Catch-22 territory. According to German porn director John Thompson, a bunch of people who run German porn companies have now decided to blackball Groll from the industry because of her radical political leanings.

Thompson runs GGG, the Berlin-based porn outfit that produced “Kitty Discovers Sperm,” which features Kitty, a “slim blonde babe knows what true men want” and Fiona, “a very sweet girl next door.” (Link is NSFW, obviously.)

“In the porn film industry, we welcome participants with all skin colors, and all nationalities, but we don’t welcome Nazis,” Thompson said, according to the Mail. “If we had known about her political activities, we would have sent her home straight away.”

Axel Schaffrath, a man the Mail describes as an insider in the world of German porn, also weighed in.

“The popular view is that she needs to be locked up,” the porn spokesman sermonized. “No one needs someone like her with her perverted view of the world.’

The NDP, founded in 1964, is a very nominal party in Germany. It has achieved representation in two out of 16 state parliaments. The party is highly nationalistic and perpetually discusses issues in terms of its beliefs in German ethnicity.

Germany’s domestic intelligence agency has described the party as “anti-Semitic, racist and xenophobic,” according to Spiegel Online.

Occasional attempts in Germany to outlaw the party have failed.

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"Disturbingly tatted" - what? OK, the claws are not in hugely good taste and leg sleeve just ain't my thing, but she looks decent enough. Hardly disturbing.

She is also probably the worse person the stormfronters could pick as a poster girl. She's all about accepting diversity. Not multiculturalism, but diversity, according to her twitter.

She'll be out of a job now - which pisses me off. Don't particularly watch porn myself, but when the same people that make the porn get outrage about a blonde white girl with a black guy (which, remember they made.) and throw her to the wolves, it ain't going to end pretty.

I hope she was smart enough to work her own brand up beforehand.

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.....She's all about accepting diversity. Not multiculturalism, but diversity, according to her twitter.....

ROFL!     :beer:
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